Scalp Micropigmentation Density Treatment

Scalp Micropigmentation Density Treatment - Case Study

Scalp Micropigmentation Density Treatment - Case Study
There’s so much I want to say about this SMP Density treatment..
Firstly, YES.. SMP is for women too!
This absolutely lovely lady came to me with her confidence at rock bottom due to female pattern baldness. She’d spent a fortune trying every pill, potion and cream available to help with her hair-loss over the years and was really at a point of absolute despair.
Her friend had seen an article about SMP and they popped in to see me to have a chat about what the process involves and what kind of results she could expect.
I will always be 100% honest with every client about what we can achieve with an SMP treatment. It’s not a miracle cure but it’s a fantastic solution for the majority of people.
Density treatments like this one still need to be approached with care and caution. I layered this treatment over 4 sessions, still making sure that the impressions were crisp and consistent and paying absolute attention to spacing and layering. Still being cautious around the hairline and reducing density in the final frontal section to create a natural look.
This was all achieved, using the best products – 5pm Shadow Pigments and needles that are my secret weapon, supplied by Jungle Tattoo Supplies
Seeing her smile when she looked in the mirror after the final session was just incredible, making this job so worthwhile.
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