Scar Camoflage

Scar Camoflage before

Scar Camoflage

Many clients come to us having had hair transplants (both FUT and FUE). These procedures leave varying degrees of scarring which can be almost completely hidden when treated with SMP.




How does Micropigmentation hide scars on your scalp?

Scars can be unsightly, especially in your hairline with a shaved head look. Scar Camoflage Tattoo using Scalp Micropigmentation is the process of using a needle to inject ink beneath the skin’s surface. When applied to scars on the scalp, this treatment is effective at camouflaging them with natural-look of cropped hair, which creates a more attractive appearance. There are many benefits associated with this cosmetic procedure including: – Less invasive than other surgical methods that may include hair transplantation or scalp reduction surgery – Provides a long lasting solution for scarring – Provides an easy cosmetic fix for those who are looking for other hair loss treatment options.

We are also able to hide facial scars  and thicken beards too!


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