Microneedling skill

When we talk about Scalp Micropigmentation, Scalp Micropigmentation for Women is not commonly known.  Also known as Hair Tattoos, the first thing most of us think about with SMP is the traditional ‘buzz-cut’ style that you see men choosing as a solution for male pattern baldness. The whole industry is heavily focused on male clients. If you’ve ever searched for Scalp Micropigmentation on Social Media, you’ll be bombarded with images of the amazing transformations that can be achieved on bald guys. But Scalp Micropigmentation can also be a great, long lasting and affordable solution for women. Female hair loss can occur after childbirth, during menopause, after chemotherapy, following years of tightly pulled hairstyles, due to alopecia, or it can be inherited. The psychological impact of hair loss or thinning hair at any age can be dramatic. When done well, Scalp Micropigmentation can help to make the hair look much thicker by replicating the appearance of hair roots meeting the scalp. The organic pigment also darkens off the scalp, reducing the contrast between the hair and the light-coloured scalp, creating the illusion of added density. At Oakwell Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering this service to women at our discreet clinic with an understanding and approachable technician. Getting a tattoo on your head may sound rather macho, but if you get in touch with us and let us answer any questions, you’ll realise that it’s no different from any other cosmetic procedure. Here’s a quote from one of our recent female clients:




Client Testimonial 

I saw a post last year in a local Facebook group discussing SMP. I’d never heard of it before and was going to look into hair transplants. My hair was getting so thin! It took me eight months to contact Simon as I am a little scared!
I met Simon and explained what SMP was and how it would help me! There was no pressure, and all my questions were answered, so I decided to proceed!

Simon was amazing; he hadn’t treated a woman or done blonde hair before, so he spoke to many people and did a lot of research; he even tried the colour on himself before putting it on me!

He keeps you calm, has the most interesting life to tell you about, which makes the sessions go fast and seems interested in what I have to say, too (I talk a lot)

I’m so happy with the results. My hair looks much fuller, giving me the confidence boost I’ve lacked for years!

I honestly can’t thank him enough!